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At Ace Tailor we pay close attention to your measurements to ensure you get just the perfect fit. Below you will be able to submit your measurements to us online (Credit to That British Tweed Company)

Once you send us your measurements, feel free to give us references of what garment you’d like us to tailor for you and we’ll be in touch!


Measurements for Women


Under Bust

Shoulder Seam to Bust

Neck / Collar



Sleeve Length

Shoulder Width

Natural Waist

Nape to Natural Waist

Rear Jacket Length

Trouser Waist

Hips / Seat

Out-seam / Trouser Length

Thigh Circumference

Knee Circumference

Measurements Form

Submit your measurements (in Inches) to us using the form below. Use the images as a reference.

If you are our existing customer, specify your order number in the comments section. We have your measurements in our system, however, if you feel your measurements have changed please update us using the form below.

Select a Posture That Best Represents You:
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Order Form

Fill in the form below to indicate to us your desired outfit, fabrics choice, and preferences. After receiving your order we will email you a quotation within two business days.

Method of Payment – We accept payment via Visa, Master Card, AMEX, JCB, and International Wire Transfer. For card payments, you will be asked to complete this Payment Form upon agreement and confirmation of your order.

For returning customers, if you have changed your measurements, or prefer other styles please inform us in the 'Requests and Comments' section below

Suit (1 Jacket & 1 Trouser)
Jacket Fit Options
Jacket Style and Buttons
Jacket Slits
Jacket Lining
Jacket Embroidery
Trouser Fit
Trouser Pleat
Trouser Pockets
Trouser Cuffs
Skirt Options
Skirt Loops

Overcoat models are similar to the above Jacket Models. If you are interested in making an Overcoat please select a Jacket Model above and fill in your desired overcoat length in cm below.

Vest Options
Blouse Fit Options
Blouse Sleeve Options
Blouse Pocket Options
Blouse Collar
Blouse Cuff
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